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Warzone Asia Socialist Pact: Treaty Organization Signups

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Warzone Asia Socialist Pact

Warzone Asia Socialist Pact: Treaty Organization Signups New_warsaw_pact_logo_by_finnishecosocialist-d738hpf

Formed to promote unity and fraternity among the people's of socialist nations everywhere, the WASP and it's members stand firm against the corrupting influence of capitalism, fascism, and imperialism around the globe.
Members of the WASP hold in common the beliefs of equality among humankind and social justice for the oppressed of the earth. We seek to stand together to create a better world for future generations, and to stand united against the capitalist menace. Members are prepared to assist and defend each other to that end.

In order to apply for membership, all member nations must adhere to a socialist political and economic system. Universal healthcare, education, and a strong welfare system must exist to qualify. While private property does not have to be abolished per se (having come to the conclusion that watching socialism out-compete capitalism in a fair trial would be equally destructive to the bourgeoise cause as the physical liquidation of the capitalist class), it is necessary that the government and economy of all applicant nations be primarily socialist-oriented, with the common end goal of a classless, moneyless society worldwide.

Application Requirements:

  • A primarily socialist government and economy, including universal healthcare, education, and a strong social safety net
  • A suitable defense force able to assist in the common defense of the socialist system worldwide, preferably with a national service scheme in place for emergencies
  • Open borders to fraternal members
  • Mutual recognition of all member states
  • The ability to enact and enforce all of the above on a national level

Member List:
The Democratic Neosituationist Federation of the Campbell Nation

Nations may apply for membership or emergency assistance from WASP below.

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WASP... Well, at least it's not as bad an acronym as BICH.

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At least this time it was intentional. The last time I honestly didn't notice it until you pointed it out.
Is one of your nations going to apply to join?

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