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Constitution of the United Warzone Republic

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Constitution of the United Warzone Republic


The democratically elected or appointed representatives of the various Warzones have, of their own free will and volition, determined that it is in the best interests of all the affected parties to create a commonwealth designed to last for generations to come. This commonwealth, the United Warzone Republic, shall exist to defend the rights of the individual Warzones, encourage the prosperity of their inhabitants, and secure the welfare of all residents while respecting each community’s autonomy and independence. Thus, it is with these noble goals in mind that the assembled delegation ratifies this Constitution for the newly-created United Warzone Republic, and hopes with heart and soul that the aforementioned endeavour shall bring a lasting peace and happiness to all our regions.

Article I - The Legislative Branch

Section 1. The Legislative Branch of the UWR shall consist of two houses: The Senate and the Unified Legislative Assembly, the latter of which shall henceforth be referred to as the ULA.

Section 2. The ULA shall consist of all Citizens of the UWR. The process for becoming naturalized as a Citizen of the UWR and thus a member of the ULA shall be outlined through the use of legislation. In addition, after a region has ratified this Constitution, the sitting delegate of the region shall submit a list of all residents which they consider to be worthy of citizenship, and these nations shall receive citizenship and a seat in the ULA automatically.

Section 3. The Senate shall consist of one representative for each constituent region. Each region may appoint or dismiss its Senator as it sees fit.

Section 4. In order for the UWR to pass laws and legislation, both houses of the legislature must agree on the action to be taken through the use of a majority vote.

Section 5. The ULA may expel one of its own members and strip them of their citizenship by a three-fifths majority vote. A nation may not be stripped of its citizenship in any other way.

Article II - The Cabinet

Section 1. The Cabinet shall act as the primary executive body of the UWR.

Section 2. The Prime Minister, hereafter referred to as the PM, shall be head of the Cabinet and oversee its operation and smooth running. The PM shall be appointed to his office through the use of legislation, approved by the majority of the Senate and the ULA. In the case of extenuating circumstances demanding immediate action, the PM may declare a state of emergency. In a state of emergency, the PM may create or amend legislation of his own accord. However, any legislation passed or amended by the PM must be presented before the ULA and the Senate, either of which may then repeal the legislation by a simple majority vote. In the case of a tied vote in either the ULA or the Senate, the PM’s vote shall break this tie.

Section 3. The Cabinet shall consist of the PM, any Ministers of State granted a position through an act of the Legislature, and the Chief Justice. The Cabinet shall have the purpose of faithfully executing all laws of the UWR, in addition to advising the ULA and Senate.

Section 4. Through the use of legislation, the ULA and Senate shall appoint Ministers of State to specific positions through the use of legislation, and may dismiss them through the same process. The purpose of Ministers of State shall be to execute laws falling under their purview and to serve as members of the Cabinet.

Section 5. The Cabinet shall be tasked with the administration and running of the UWR’s forums. The Cabinet may issue bans from the regional forums as punishment for a crime without having to ask the IWC in accordance with the law; however, the cabinet may not issue a ban lasting longer than three days without first contacting the IWC.

Article III - The Interregional Warzone Court

Section 1. The Interregional Warzone Court, hereafter referred to as the IWC, shall serve as the Judicial Branch of the UWR.

Section 2. The IWC shall be headed by a Chief Justice appointed by majority vote of the Senate. Additional judges meant to hold a position in the IWC shall be proposed by the Chief Justice to then be either confirmed or denied by the Senate. All judges, including the Chief Justice, shall serve a six month term in the IWC and may be reappointed once after the expiration of their terms.

Section 3. The IWC shall be tasked with trying citizens for wrongdoing and the breaking of laws.

Section 4. The IWC shall be given the power of Judicial review. The IWC may strike down any laws or actions of the UWR’s government that have been deemed to be contrary to this constitution.

Section 5. The ULA may impeach judges, including the Chief Justice, for wrongdoing. In order to impeach a judge and declare him guilty of a crime, a three-fifths majority shall be required. The Senate shall then decide on what the appropriate punishment for the judge is to be.

Article IV - The Rights of the People

Section 1. All people in the UWR have specific inalienable rights which cannot be revoked. Because listing all rights in this constitution would be impractical and impossible, the IWC must act in order to protect all rights of the people and regions, not just the ones which have been enumerated here.

Section 2. All nations have the right to freedom of speech, except in cases where the speech has been determined to have no purpose other than to cause harm to others or poses a clear threat to the welfare of the UWR.

Section 3. Any nation may enter and leave any region of the UWR freely, unless that nation or its owner has been convicted of a crime.

Section 4. No nation shall be punished for a crime without first having been given a fair trial in which they received legal counsel and where the prosecution bore the burden of proof. Trials may be conducted by either the IWC or a lesser regional court, should a constituent region wish to create such a court. This section shall not be construed in such a way as to deny individual delegates the right to act to the region when it is under imminent threat, such as when it is being attacked by foreign forces.

Section 5. All nations have the right to hold positions and citizenship in other regions, so long as these regions have not been declared enemies of the UWR.

Article V - Other Concerns of Note to the UWR

Section 1. All regions have the right to autonomy and to control their own affairs to a reasonable degree. The meaning of this section shall be clarified through decisions of the IWC and through the use of legislation.

Section 2. In order to assure that the UWR is established as a single government, rather than a binding international agreement between governments, laws of the UWR shall be held to be superior to laws of the individual Constituent Regions, and should a law of the UWR and a law of one of its Constituent Regions conflict, the law of the UWR shall take precedence and the law of the Constituent Region rendered null and void. Constituent Regions may not attempt to create their own military forces or create any treaties or alliances with other regions, as these tasks shall considered to be the exclusive purview of the UWR. However, all regions may choose to build, accept, and maintain in-game embassies with foreign regions in whatever manner they choose.

Section 3. In order for this constitution to be amended, a proposed amendment must receive approval from at least three-fifths of the Senate and ULA.

Section 4. A Constituent Region of the UWR shall be defined as a region with the “Warzone” tag which has ratified this constitution and agrees to be bound by all laws of the UWR.

Section 5. If a Constituent Region of the UWR wishes to secede from the Union, it may formally request to do so. In order to secede, a referendum must be held, in which the majority of that region’s population votes in favor of secession. After the referendum is held, the issue will be brought before the ULA, which will make a decision on whether the region should be allowed to leave the UWR.

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