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Warzone Asia People's Daily

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1Warzone Asia People's Daily Empty Warzone Asia People's Daily on Mon Feb 16, 2015 11:11 pm

Warzone Asia People's Daily

Special Edition
The Official State Media Service of the People's Republic of Warzone Asia!

Glory to the People's Republic of Warzone Asia

Warzone Asia People's Daily CINA_-_fuochi
Hey look, fireworks. Those were invented in Asia, you know.

From the banks of the River Volga, to the seas of the Far East, liberated worker and peasant masses celebrated the grand 1-year anniversary of the foundation of the People's Republic of Warzone Asia as a free and independent region for the native proletariat. On this glorious occasion, Chairman Campbell has declared a regional holiday, and ordered the native defence forces to prepare for a celebratory parade in honor of the occasion.

On the eve of this regional holiday, the Museum of the Native's War of Resistance has also opened the Hall of the Volunteers so that Native's may reflect upon the glorious history of the class struggle to establish the people's liberation and subsequent ventures to safeguard the rights of natives and workers worldwide.

Words from Chairman Campbell
Warzone Asia People's Daily ARV_CHINA_ANNIVERSARY_6215f
Worker and peasant defence forces celebrate the anniversary

Following is an official statement given by Chairman Campbell from the Forbidden City on the occasion of the first anniversary of the People's Republic

Truly, there is no greater glory in Nationstates than longevity. Be it of a nation, an alliance, a region, or a simple idea. The older the world becomes, the more important the idea of experience becomes. To not only survive, but achieve a moderate degree of success and prestige among this fast-moving world of politics and intrigue is a true testament to the strength of the people.
It is with unmeasured joy that I proudly declare today as the one-year anniversary of our glorious People's Republic of Warzone Asia. As of February 3rd, the People's Republic may consider itself an established entity. This is a concrete accomplishment that no level of raider or capitalist antics can steal from us. The history books will long remember how the natives of this region struggled for independence, and how after great trial and tribulation, we were liberated. Not for an update. Not for a week. Not for the period of an SC resolution and not for the length of an occupation, but for a year.

Today, the People's Republic has ascended from being measured in the breaths of mortals to the immortal historical units used to quantify dynasties and empires. Today, we have made history. From here on, regardless of the outcome of our socialist experiment, we have achieved an irrefutable victory against the oppressors.

Long live the People's Republic of Warzone Asia! Long live the native Warzone ideal! And long live the native worker and peasant masses.

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