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Integration Act

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1Integration Act Empty Integration Act on Mon Feb 16, 2015 11:49 pm

Integration Act
An Act to provide framework for the development of culture and activity

Section 1 By agreement of constituent Warzone regions, Chairman Campbell of the People's Republic of Warzone Asia (Also known as North Campbell Nation) is confirmed as Prime Minister of the United Warzone Republic, and is hereby granted all powers entrusted to him by the constitution.

Section 2 Until such time that a suitable substitute may be elected, the Prime Minister may assume the powers entrusted to the Speaker of the Legislature.
Section 2.1 Such powers will expire without further legislation after a period of no more than eight months from the date of passage of this act, or until a substitute is elected

Section 3 The legitimate governments of all constituent regions are hereby expressly permitted to continue operating all offsite forums existing as of the time of passage of this law for the purposes of regional governance, with the understanding that all legislation passed through means of the United Warzone Republic will continue to take precedent over regional legislation, in accordance with the constitution.
Section 3.1 The ULA shall be notified of all relevant announcements, laws, decrees, or ordinances passed through the means of regional government, whether or not through outside forums, via the use of the official forums of the United Warzone Republic, effective as of thirty days after the passage of this act.

Section 4 All constituent regions shall be hereby required to make known the existence of the UWR by means of linking to the official forum at a location deemed appropriate by the acting delegate, effective as of thirty days after the passage of this act.
Section 4.1

[End of Bill]

So basically, this law confirms what has been existing as the de facto situation for some time now. Thoughts?

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