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WZAU Restoration and Revuilding

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1WZAU Restoration and Revuilding Empty WZAU Restoration and Revuilding on Tue May 12, 2015 4:56 pm


Hello! My name is Garsai. If you haven't noticed, I am the new WA Delegate in Warzone Australia or WZAU. I may seem I came out of nowhere, but my mission has a purpose.
I've been in other warzones with some of my other nations, including my first one Garsai which I found about 3 years ago. Australia was once a free region until ruthless raiding groups began attacking.
This brought WZAU in to anarchy, an it was pretty much in ruins. Until it was liberated by other forces. However, at one point no one was in charge and WZAU was extremely vunerable to raids.
My mission is to bring WZAU back on its feet. I also plan to make it into the UWR (United Warzone Republic). Here is how its going to work.

All strong and sustainable regions have to have a government. Day to day governing is to be handled by the government to maintain order. A region with no government is like a chicken with no head, no order is maintained.

A region to maintain defense is a region which is unlikely to get attacked, or at least succeed in dispersing the enemy in such an attack. Defense needs to be set up in Warzone Australia so that it dosen't get raided again. We can protect the region by increasing endorsements towards the delegate OR drafting an agreement with another region to provide military support.

International Affairs
Gaining allies is a very smart thing to do when governing a region. Right now WZAU is to restore and improve relations with other Warzone Regions and to maintain a strong friendship with those regions. That way, it would be less likely for an invader to come in and overthrow the region.

If you have any questions what so ever about my plans for WZAU, telegram me in game and I'll reply at the earliest convenient time.


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